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Auto Reply Manager: Email Autoresponder Overview

10 Reasons For Using Our Email Autoresponder Add-in for Outlook

1. Fully control automatic outgoing emails

Auto Reply Manager allows you to define basic or very complex rules - using these rules, the email autoresponder decides for which emails to send automatic replies or not. This way, you shall send automated emails only to people you actually want to receive automatic emails back from you.

2. Seamless autoresponder Outlook integration

Our email autoresponder is designed as an Outlook add-in, so the learning process is going to be very quick. All you have to do is to access the add-ins toolbar from your main Outlook window.

3. Automatically program when to enable the email autoresponder

When creating an email autoresponder rule, you can easily specify it to be enabled only during certain periods of the day or between specified dates. For example, you can automatically make the autoresponder to be active only during weekends or night time.

4. Easily manage autoresponded messages

Auto Reply Manager can automatically move auto-responded messages to a special mail folder or it can mark these emails as read/replied.

5. Better & faster email collaboration

Using our email autoresponder, not only that you can send automated replies, but you can also have it to automatically forward or redirect a message. So, if you are out on vacation, you can automatically redirect or forward incoming business emails to your co-workers.

6. Avoid nagging people with several automatic messages

Unlike, other autoresponder programs, the builtin mechanism of our email autoresponder program allows you to decide to send just one automatic email to each contact, no matter how many emails are you receiving from that contact. Moreover, you can automatically reset this option by restarting Outlook or by specifying a reset date/time period.

7. Skip processing junk or postmaster incoming emails

By default, our Outlook email autoresponder ignores messages marked as Junk/Spam by Outlook. You can even use a predefined option that skips system messages, such as delivery confirmations or mail server error emails.

8. Funny autoresponder emails

The autoresponder program is delivered with a set of predefined, cartoon-like graphical email templates. You can use these templates to better make your point, in a funny way, when sending automatic messages.

9. Quick activity reports

The Execution Report - accessible from the main Outlook window - quickly shows you what automatic messages were sent to received messages. Plus, a green icon indicates if the message was processed, while a red icon shows that there was a problem processing that message.

10. Easy web form handling

For those who run web sites, our email autoresponder can handle incoming messages that were submitted using web forms. The program can scan the incoming message, look for a certain form field where the sender's address was filled and send the automatic message back to that email address (and not to the site address).

Outlook Auto Reply Manager: Functionality

  • Creating a vacation auto reply message for all incoming emails;
  • Automatic redirect or forward Outlook email messages;
  • Using the software as an Exchange auto reply module;
  • Defining an out of office email reply only for certain contacts;
  • Sending an automated reply using a HTML template;
  • Using the program as an Outlook autoresponder;
  • How to set the auto reply email account;
  • Purchasing and registering Auto Reply Manager.

    System Requirements:
    Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista (x32 or x64), Windows 7, Windows 8 (x32 or x64).
    Microsoft Office Outlook 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 (x32 and x64).

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