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Outlook add-ins

How to increase your productivity using DS Development Outlook add-ins

dots Outlook add-ins overview

With an estimated worldwide base of over 300 million users, Microsoft Office Outlook is the most popular Windows email client software, for both business and personal use.

An important factor of its success relays on the ability to use 3rd party Outlook add-ins. Basically, Outlook add-ins are software programs that run inside the Outlook environment, adding new features or improving the builtin functionality of Outlook. Starting with Outlook 2000, Microsoft implemented a programming interface for coding Outlook add-ins.

Our Outlook Add-ins

Bells & Whistles for Outlook
Easy Mail Merge
Auto Reply Manager
Auto Follow Up
SilentMail for Outlook

dots DS Development Outlook add-ins - concept

All our Outlook add-ins are designed for Outlook productivity targets: no matter how you are using Outlook, we are sure one or more of our Outlook add-ins can easily match your needs, helping you to compose and manage emails faster and better.

The concept of the DS Development Outlook add-ins relays on the following real-live, common situations:

  • when composing emails, we all deal with repetitive blocks of email text, even if it's a greeting line, a business proposition, a set of help instructions or a simple email signature;
  • for various occasions, everyone has to send the same email to several people, like a business newsletter or a Christmas email;
  • we all have holidays: using an email autoresponder for such periods will help you stay away from your computer for a while;
  • upgrading your computer is likely to happen once in a while, so you need a way to migrate your contacts to the new Windows installation.

    To meet such common demands, we developed a range of Outlook add-ins. Our add-ins concept is simple: make Outlook work harder for you!

    dots Outlook add-ins - practical functionality examples

    Below you can find a set of links to other DS Development pages, detailing how to use each of our Outlook add-ins for common tasks. If you wish to suggest us new ideas for Outlook add-ins, you are welcome to contact us.

  • how to send automatic emails with our Outlook autoresponder add-in;
  • how to create and send a personalised Outlook newsletter;
  • how to automatically insert greetings when replying to Outlook email messages;
  • how to mass extract email addresses from Outlook emails;
  • how to predefine and use Outlook email templates when composing Outlook messages;
  • how to automatically forward or redirect an incoming Outlook email;
  • how to manage Outlook add-ins.

    dots Other resources for Outlook add-ins

    Here is a list of links pointing you to 3rd party web sites were you are likely to find information related to Outlook add-ins and Outlook troubleshooting:

  • Slipstick Systems - utilities, add-ins, how to's and other solutions for Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange;
  • HowTo-Outlook - provides help and news for Microsoft Office Outlook and Microsoft Outlook related add-ins;
  • Microsoft Office Marketplace - find third-party products and services on the Office Marketplace that complement Office, such as add-ins, templates, live support and more;
  • Office Zealot - home of the Microsoft Office system enthusiasts.
    All our Outlook add-ins support Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 and Microsoft Windows Vista (32/64). For add-in management purposes, we offer you for free the Outlook Add-ins utility: using this program, you can easily manage all your Outlook add-ins (enable/disable). This Outlook add-ins utility is installed as part of the Bells & Whistles add-in installation: if you choose to uninstall Bells & Whistles, you have the option to keep the add-ins utility for free.

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