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Email Marketing Software Solutions

The DS Development email products range can easily fit your email marketing software needs, as it covers all email marketing aspects:

gather & manage email marketing mailing lists;
mass personalize & send email marketing emails;
automatically reply to sales leads;
automatically follow up on your prospects if they fail to reply in a timely manner;
greatly increase your email marketing productivity by avoiding to perform repetitive email tasks.

Below you can find details on each of our email marketing software products. For more information on each email marketing software title, click on the "more details" link displayed on the right of each product name.

Content dots Email Marketing Software - How to Create Mailing Lists

Related Email Marketing Software: Email Address Collector | more details

The best starting point to create your base mailing list is your own Inbox email folder! Your emails already contain the addresses of all your existing contacts, so you only need an email software capable to extract email addresses from your mail or Contacts folders and to save them as a distribution list or Excel table, ready for email marketing purposes. This is exactly what Email Address Collector does.

You can use Email Address Collector to filter and extract email addresses and related person names from mail folders or other items (calender, notes, journal entries, etc) of Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Microsoft Exchange mail folders, Windows Mail, Windows Address Book, Outlook Contacts, Microsoft Word documents or Excel tables, HTML files or even from Adobe PDF documents!

Moreover, this email marketing software automatically eliminates the duplicates from your mailing list and it can be set not to extract junk-like email addresses.

Content dots Email Marketing Software - How to Personalize & Individually Send Mass Emails

Related Email Marketing Software: Easy Mail Merge | more details

With the marketing mailing list already generated by Email Address Collector, you can use Easy Mail Merge to compose, personalize and send marketing emails.

Easy Mail Merge lets you import email addresses and other data (to personalize the email for each person) from Outlook Contacts, Outlook or Exchange distribution lists or CSV files. You can personalize the email subject and message content with the first name, last name or other imported data for each contact. You can compose the marketing email using the feature-rich Outlook email editor.

Once you are done composing the message, you can preview it (including the personalized content) for each contact and you can start sending the marketing emails. Automatically, Easy Mail Merge will generate separate emails for each contact. So, if you imported 1000 contacts, it will automatically generate 1000 emails!

Content dots Email Marketing Software - How to Schedule Mass Marketing Emails

Related Email Marketing Software: Easy Mail Merge | more details

Easy Mail Merge is using the Microsoft Outlook email software to send the marketing emails. To avoid anti-spam filters, it allows you to schedule the emails, so you don't have to send them all at once.

You can choose to email the messages in groups, for example: send 5 emails per minute and keep sending them every minute until all emails are sent. This is a must-have email marketing software for all email marketers!

Content dots Email Marketing Software - How to Auto-Reply to Customers or Business Contacts

Related Email Marketing Software: Auto Reply Manager | more details

"Email marketing software" is not only about sending flashy emails to potential customers. While it is indeed important to be able to send your marketing emails in a professional manner (so you don't look like an amateur), it is probably even more important to be able to reply promptly to messages received as replies to your marketing emails.

Auto Reply Manager works as an add-in for Microsoft Outlook and it helps you create and automatically send email replies to incoming messages. You can setup rules and filters, so you can create different auto-replies to different groups or subjects. The program will even personalize the reply greeting line, using the First or Last Name of the person to which it replies.

You can also choose to enable auto-replies only during certain date or time periods. For example, you can configure it to automatically send replies only during the night or when you are out of office, so people will know that you received the message and you will reply as soon as you will be available.

It is not only a business-wise email marketing software solution, but also a quick and reliable method to calm anxious customers or business contacts and let them know that their emails were received and they will be taken care of.

Content dots Email Marketing Software - How Automatically to Follow-up on Business Leads

Related Email Marketing Software: Auto Follow Up | more details

Auto Follow Up is the perfect Outlook software companion for your email marketing needs, as it allows you to automatically track and follow up on business leads. For example, let's say you send out a marketing email and you receive a reply from a person interested in your offer. You answer with your offer details, but then the person doesn't reply back to you. Using Auto Follow Up, you can automatically mark the email to be followed up: in case the person didn't reply in the specified period of time, this email marketing software will automatically send a follow up message to that person, notifying him/her that you are waiting for a reply.

You can also use this Outlook add-in to market time limited special offers: if a potential customer didn't reply to your initial marketing email, you can use Auto Follow Up to automatically send a time limited offer, allowing the user to purchase your product or service for a special price - if the order is placed within your specified time frame.

Content dots Email Marketing Software - How to Quickly Handle Emails

Related Email Marketing Software: Bells & Whistles for Outlook | more details

If you use Microsoft Outlook to communicate by email, it's simply impossible not to find at least one practical use for Bells & Whistles. This product, awarded as the most popular email workflow solution by TechEd, Microsoft’s largest annual technical conference, combines several email productivity functions under a single program.

Bells & Whistles for Outlook can greatly increase your marketing email productivity and professionalism by automatically inserting personalized greeting lines when composing a message, inserting text templates into messages, adding notes to messages for future reference, adding tracking IDs to outgoing messages, presetting message format options and many many more.

This email marketing software also includes a free Outlook Utility, designed to let you easily enable or disable 3rd party Outloook add-ins. The add-ins utility is yours to keep for free, even if you decide not to purchase Bells & Whistles.

Content dots How to Try or Buy Our Email Marketing Software Products

All our products allow you a trial period, so you can test them for free before placing an order. Even better, all our products are packed with a 30-days Money Back Guarantee!

You can download trial versions from our Download page or you can visit our online software store and securely place your order. Discounts are automatically calculated if you decide to purchase multiple licenses.

As a special offer, for a limited period you can purchase all our email marketing software products for ONLY $99.95 and SAVE $40 off the regular price of each separate product! Click here to take advantage of our time limited special offer!

Easy Mail Merge, Auto Reply Manager and Bells & Whistles are designed as add-ins for Microsoft Office Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003 or 2007. All our email marketing software products work on Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8. (32 and 64bits versions).

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