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Email Sentinel Pro: Email Protection That You Can TRUST

About Email Sentinel Pro

Email Sentinel Pro is an prevention email anti-virus that blocks viruses from invading your computer by email.

Content dots Benefits of Email Sentinel Pro v2.7

  • Prevent viruses from infecting your computer by malware emails;
  • Prevent spammers from validating your email address for spamming lists;
  • Prevent receiving other malicious emails;
  • Block virus attachments from reaching your mailbox;
  • Password protect sensitive email attachments;
  • Easily enforce your organization emailing rules;
  • Extensive activity reports;
  • Smooth integration with any standard Windows email client.

      File Size: 3.18 Mb
      License: Free to try, $14.95 end-user license.
      Support: 24/7 live support, help manual included.

      Windows platforms email clients

    Learn how to block email viruses ScreenShots of Email Sentinel Pro Email Sentinel Pro FAQ
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    Content dots Would you like to prevent email viruses from invading your computer?

    Email Sentinel Pro is designed to stop and quarantine any incoming email which contains email viruses. It intercepts emails before they reach your Inbox email folders, thus reducing the infection risk to zero. Each suspect attachment is password protected and so it prevents email malware scripts from running virus attachments on your computer.

    Viruses infecting computers through emails are no news anymore. By blocking such emails, Email Sentinel Pro will save the money you would spend on expensive anti-virus solutions.

    Content dots Would you like to prevent spammers from validating your email address?

    In order to validate and add your email address to spam lists, spammers are using email bugs hidden within spam emails. Email Sentinel Pro is intercepting and eliminating validation scripts from such emails and so it is preventing your email software from telling spammers that they deal with a live email account.

    Content dots Would you like to prevent receiving malicious emails?

    HTML emails are well known for their security problems, because they the email sender to insert malicious scripts, attachments or forms within the email body. Such malicious emails can contain anything, from email viruses to email tracking codes.

    If your email client software doesn't allow you to automatically convert incoming emails to plain text messages or if simply you prefer to view colorful HTML emails, then Email Sentinel Pro is your solution for viewing such emails, while remaining on the safe side.

    Content dots Would you like to block virus attachments?

    While some of the latest email software versions include attachment protection features, these features are subject to programming bugs and exploits. If you don't feel like relying on the security features of your email software, then use Email Sentinel Pro to block virus attachments before they reach the Inbox folders of your email software, thus eliminating the risk of HTML email exploits.

    Moreover, for your convenience, Email Sentinel Pro will not simply erase such attachments, but it will password protect and quarantine them. If you decide such attachments are safe, you can always enter your password and unprotect the desired email attachment.

    Content dots Intelligent Integration

    Email Sentinel Pro works with any POP3, IMAP, HTTP/Hotmail email accounts, being integrated with MS-Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, IncrediMail and other email clients. Practically, Email Sentinel Pro can handle any email software.

    Email Sentinel Pro offers integration for your Windows Address Book, Outlook Contacts and MSN/Win Messenger Contacts. This way, you can easily allow your friends and business contacts to send you any emails, but at the same time protecting your Inbox from dangerous emails.

    Content dots Email Traffic Reports

    While it protects users from malicious emails, Email Sentinel Pro enhances the user experience by generating detailed email traffic reports based on the number of senders, protected emails, attachments and more. See also email traffic reports

    Content dots Block or Protect Attachments

    Using Email Sentinel Pro, you can select which file attachments to automatically disable from incoming emails. Every email virus travels as an email attachment, so by disabling attachments, you will protect your mailbox from viruses. See which file extensions should be disabled from reaching your mailbox folders.

    The attachment protection feature can also be used to secure file attachments by password protecting them. This way, Email Sentinel Pro can protect your email attachments from curious eyes. See also how to block and password protect email attachments using Email Sentinel Pro.

    Learn how to block email viruses ScreenShots of Email Sentinel Pro Email Sentinel Pro FAQ

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