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 Digital Software Development Outlook RSS Feeds

DS Development News

DS Development Outlook RSS Feeds

This page contains information about important DS Development news. If you are looking for news related to product minor updates, please see the service support forum topics or use the XML RSS Feed available on our web site.


15th of March, 2011
DS Development released version 4 of Bells & Whistles for Outlook. This new version includes a totally redesigned user friendly interface, Unicode support for email templates, randomization options for email signatures, new email notes interface and many more. | more |

11th of March, 2011
Auto Follow Up v1.0.60 is released. You can now include attachments of original messages when sending automatic follow-ups.

14th of February, 2011
Auto Reply Manager v2.0.108 is released. This updates allows the user to quickly diagnostic problems on auto reply rules.

21st of January, 2011
Easy Mail Merge v2.0.220 is released. This version adds support for hyperlinks generated using mail-merge fields.


10th of November, 2010
We're pleased to announce that all our Outlook add-ins now fully support the x64 version of Microsof Outlook 2010.


15th of December, 2009
DS Development released Weight Diet, an Outlook add-in designed to help you speed up your Outlook sessions by reducing your mailbox size without having to archive or delete important emails. | more |

28th of August, 2009
DS Development joined the Intel Software Partner program.

29th of July, 2009
A new money saving bundle was just released. Purchase both Auto Reply Manager and Auto Follow Up and save $10 on their combined price! | buy now |

23rd of July, 2009
The first commercial version of Auto Follow Up was just released! Auto Follow Up is a Microsoft Outlook add-in designed to automatically send follow up emails to those contacts that failed to reply to your messages. | more |

8th of March, 2009
Dr. File Finder's Picks reviewed Bells & Whistles for Outlook: I also like the fact that Bells & Whistles lets you control which of these features are active and working. Bells & Whistles is a powerful collection of add-ons for Microsoft Outlook and you owe it to yourself to check it out.". | more |


17th of November, 2008
Version 2 of Easy Mail Merge was just released! | more |

7th of November, 2008
Winter Special Offer! For a limited period, you can purchase our pack of email productivity and marketing software products for only $99.95, saving $40! | more |

10th of October, 2008
All affiliates and resellers that signup until February 2009 will benefit from a special 30% comission on all sales! | more |


1st of November, 2007
Email Address Collector version 5 is released. The new version adds full support for Windows Mail, Windows Contacts and Thunderbird Mail, plus a new set of usability features. | more |

1st of August, 2007
PC Magazine reviews Email Address Collector under "Four Tough Office Problems, Solved": "You'd expect Outlook to know how extract all the addresses from an e-mail message into your contacts list, but it can't do anything of the kind. Enter Email Address Collector, which scours all the messages in an Outlook folder (or almost anything else) for addresses that it can add to your Outlook or Windows address book." | more |

9th of May, 2007
Computer Power User Magazine reviews Bells & Whistles for Outlook: "The aptly named Bells & Whistles for Outlook users is a keeper. Although all of its tools aren’t as equally beneficial, combined they flesh out Outlook very well. In particular, BW’s simplistic, yet handy, Notes utility may be worth forking over nearly 30 bones for alone." | more |

8th of May, 2007
DS Development releases version 2 of Auto Reply Manager, an Outlook autoresponder add-in designed to automatically reply, forward or redirect incoming email messages. Relaying on the positive feedback received from our customers, version 2 of Auto Reply Manager introduces many new features & options, allowing you to further improve your Outlook productivity. | more |

4th of March, 2007
DS Development releases a new electronic license distribution & activation mechanism, in partnership with Avangate BV.

15th of January, 2007
All DS Development products are now fully compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Office Outlook 2007.


28th of October, 2006
DS Development achieved the Microsoft Certified Partner designation. | more |

29th of August, 2006
After several months of hard work from our programming team, Bells & Whistles v3 was just released. This new version features many new functions, grouped under profiles and email rules. A big big "thank you" for all our users and fans who sent us many suggestions for improving this award winning product. | more |

19th of June, 2006
LifeHacker writes about Bells & Whistles for Outlook: "Bells and Whistles is a Microsoft Outlook plugin that adds all sorts of juicy functionality to your email." | more |

3rd of May, 2006
The DS Development web site now fully supports RSS 2.0 XML feeds. This way, by subscribing to our news feeds, you can always be up to date with our developments, including announcements on new product releases, product updates and other company news.

28th of March, 2006
DS Development releases a new Outlook add-in, Auto Reply Manager for Outlook. The product is designed to send auto email replies or forwards based on user defined rules. | more |

23rd of March, 2006
The April issue of the popular PC Magazine includes "Low-priced, high-powered Bells & Whistles for Outlook 2.5" in their 14th Annual Utility Superguide.

19th of February, 2006
The April issue of the UK magazine PC Pro writes about Bells & Whistles for Outlook: "Everyone has a copying mechanism to deal with the masses of email they get sent every day, but now you can save time and hassle by automating common messages and tasks with Bells & Whistles for Outlook.".

12th of January, 2006
DS Development releases QuickList for Windows (v1.1), a user-friendly tool for logical list operations. Using QuickList, users can merge, intersect, dedupe or difference any text formatted files, such as csv, text or other files. | more |

5th of January, 2006
DS Development releases v4.0 of their popular email extractor software, Email Address Collector. The new version features a completely redesigned interface, a faster email extraction engine and more filtering options. | more |


30th of September, 2005
The November issue of the UK PC Pro magazine awards Bells & Whistles for Outlook with 5 stars and writes about it: "A seasoned Outlook user might achieve the same results using macros, rules and templates, but this program is far more user-friendly."
| more |

18th of August, 2005
The September issue of PC Advisor writes about Bells & Whistles for Outlook: "Bells & Whistles simplifies pasting boilerplate text into the body of a message, and blocking attachments by file type. The program can also add time and date stamps to any message."

3rd of July, 2005
The July issue of UK Total Business Magazine writes about Bells & Whistles for Outlook: " To meet the demands of many Outlook users, Bells & Whistles for Outlook offers an easy way to allow or deny Outlook to open email file attachments." | more |

8th of June, 2005
Information Week writes about Easy Mail Merge for Outlook: "New product runs as Outlook plug-in, uses Outlook Contacts or other sources for e-mail merge."| more |

6th of June, 2005
DS Development releases version 1.1 of Easy Mail Merge for Outlook. The product gives you the power to fully personalize email messages and quickly deliver individual emails to your contacts list, being the perfect solution for your mail merge needs, such as personalizing email newsletters, business announcements, marketing emails or any other emails that need to be customized and individually sent to a large number of people. | more |

3rd of June, 2005
June 3, 2005 – Lake Forest, CA. – MSD2D, a resource for the Microsoft Exchange community, announced today that DS Development Bells & Whistles for Outlook was selected as the 2005 winner in the Workflow category of the MSD2D People’s Choice Awards. | more |

May, 2005
The May 2005 issue of the PC World magazine includes Bells & Whistles for Outlook in the top software supercharges products: "Bells & Whistles for Outlook saves you dozens of keystrokes by handling such pesky tasks as automatically adding a greeting to a reply, or warning if your outgoing message is missing an attachment or a subject line." | more |

16th of April, 2005
The March issue of the .Net Magazine reviews Bells & Whistles for Outlook: "Outlook is hugely powerful, but there are some things it can’t do. Bells and Whistles adds some handy new features for power users". | more |

8th of March, 2005
Australian Computer Trader writes about Bells & Whistles for Outlook: "... These are just some of the utilities built into Bells & Whistles and they will be greatly appreciated by those users who struggle with a long list of emails each day, cutting a swathe through the repetitive work that eats your day".

1st of March, 2005
DS Development releases version 2.5 of the award winning Outlook add-in, Bells & Whistles for Outlook... | more |

27th of January, 2005
DS Development releases v1.3 of SilentMail for Outlook, an Ofice Outlook add-in designed for monitoring Outlook emails... | more |

10th of January, 2005
Slacker Manager reviews Bells & Whistles for Outlook: "So, I'll be keeping Bells & Whistles as a permanent part of my Outlook setup... next time I get a new PC, it'll be one of the first things I reinstall!" | more |


26th of December, 2004
The Office Web Blog reviews Bells & Whistles for Outlook: "A new package has to offer compelling value for me to decide to stick with it and make it part of my standard installation. Bells & Whistles is one of the rare add-ins that has accomplished that." | more |

24th of December, 2004 reviews Bells & Whistles for Outlook: "Bells and Whistles for Outlook is a suit of usability enhancements for Outlook that will make your life with Outlook more efficient in many subtle ways." | more |

16th of December, 2004
DS Development releases v2.0 of the award winning Outlook add-in, Bells & Whistles for Outlook... | more |

1st of December, 2004
DS Development releases v1.2.1 of SilentBCC for Outlook, an add-in for Microsoft Outlook designed for monitoring every outgoing email... | more |

24th of November, 2004
PC Magazine reviews Bells & Whistles for Outlook: "Bells & Whistles is a bargain-priced set of safety and convenience features for any Outlook user." | more |

17th of November, 2004
DS Development releases Email Sentinel Pro v2.7, the only email virus prevention solution that works with any email account on any email client software... | more |

25th of October, 2004
The Spanish newspaper El Correo writes about Bells & Whistles for Outlook: "Bells and Whistles es un complemento interesante para usuarios del cliente de correo electrónico Microsoft Outlook, al cual añade numerosas y prácticas funciones"...

21st of October, 2004
Softwrap™ announces the continuation of its relationship with DS Development, providers of email communication, protection and management software solutions for world-wide businesses. | more |

10th of October, 2004
DS Development releases version 3.2-c of the most powerful Outlook email extractor software: DS Email Address Collector. The new version includes support for custom Outlook Contacts folders... | more |

4th of October, 2004
Bells & Whistles for Outlook passes the Promaxum Seal of Quality review process. By receiving this certificate, Bells & Whistles For Outlook has adhered to the highest possible standards set forth by the Promaxum review staff. | more |

23rd of September, 2004
The Swiss Tages-Anzeiger Magazine reviews Email Adress Collector... | more |

21st of September, 2004
Email Sentinel Pro is reviewed by the Network World Security Newsletter: "Not only was the message converted to plain text, but an embedded JPG image was converted to an attachment - very convenient and perfectly safe"... | more |

2nd of September, 2004
Bells & Whistles for Outlook version 1.2 is released. It includes several new time-saving features for Outlook power users... | more |

14th of August, 2004
DS Development releases Email Sentinel Pro v2.6, featuring email attachment password protection and a completely redesigned user interface.

23rd of June, 2004
DS Development releases Email Address Collector v3.2. The new version includes support for Microsoft Office Outlook 2003, additional filtering options and an alias name creation tool.

17th of May, 2004
Email Sentinel Pro passes the Promaxum Seal of Quality review process. By receiving this certificate, Email Sentinel Pro has adhered to the highest possible standards set forth by the Promaxum review staff. | more |

13rd of May, 2004
Email Address Collector passes the Promaxum Seal of Quality review process. By receiving this certificate, Email Address Collector has adhered to the highest possible standards set forth by the Promaxum review staff. | more |

3rd of March, 2004
Email Address Collector gets to version 3.1: this new version features builtin support for extracting contacts from MSN Messenger, Microsoft Office documents and Windows Address Books.

23rd of February, 2004
TechTV reviews Email Sentinel Pro v2.5: "I tried Email Sentinel Pro with Outlook Express and it worked like a charm."... | more |

10th of January, 2004
DS Development releases Email Sentinel Pro v2.5, the first email anti-virus program designed for intercepting malware emails on-the-fly, before they reach your Inbox folders.

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